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Scent-sational Sensory Set

We used to think that a good toy was anything enjoyable to look at, especially by our children. In line with the easier access to information for parents, many parents and teaching staff become more understanding that the more similar a toy is in its original shape, nature, weight and color, the better the toy is for children.

Wooden Mortar and Pestle

We did research on our own children at home, what kind of toys made them curious and happy to use. As it turned out, it was any toy that was similar to what their parents use that attracted him. Not only that, exploration activity in outdoor is one of our little one’s favorites. He will take the initiative to grasp the leaves, rocks, soil, and flowers that he meets, squeeze them, identify the different scents of each object.

Unfortunately, since outdoor activities are limited due to the pandemic, and the lack of green open space/parks/forests in big cities, especially Jakarta, it will be difficult for children to find diverse plants in a natural way. This is the reason why Klein Qlambu created a set of toy ‘Scent-sational Sensory Set’, which gives children the opportunity to explore their sense of smell through mashing and pounding activities.

Scent-sational Kit

In each Scent-sational Sensory Set we provide:

1 set of mortar and pestle

2 bowls

2 clam-shaped plates

1 small coffee scoop

1 spoon

4 small bags of each carrying lavender, peppermint, coffee bean, and cloves.

1 sheet of parental guidance

All the materials are made of mahogany wood, which is known as one of the most dense and sturdy woods. Thus, this is suitable for fine motor skills development. Coated with a food grade finish so it is safe for children and the environment.

Children will be lost in the fun activities grinding the objects that we provide, or even you can add whatever their foliage found on your backyard. They will not only learn about smell, but will also notice that each force will have a different impact on each object. For example: a small force is not enough to grind a coffee bean or cloves, but with such a small force, it is enough to crush lavender or peppermint.

Kid Playing with Mortar and Pestle

Once the children done, you can take advantage of the leftover of this grinding game to give their playdough a scent at home. Alternatively, put the rest of the mash into an open glass container and place it in your room for a pleasant aroma.

Let the kids explore everything through this set, and see the fun of it.