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There are some frequently asked question going into our chat message. Therefore we made this page in order to help you knowing us better. In case your question is not answered here, you can say hello to us through our email:

A. Does Qlambu have offline store or showroom?

we only have an online shop at the moment.

B. Where to shop at Qlambu?

For retailer, you can transact at our Shopee page. Please type Qlambu in the search column, and you will immediately find our shop name on the results page. Browse our storefront and find the product you are looking for.

C. How if I do not find the product I am looking for?

If the product is not available at Shopee, it is possible that the item is out of stock, or pre-order system is required (especially for glass products). Please do not hesitate to chat our admin on Shopee.

D. Do you accept wholesalers? 

We are wide open to opportunities to work together both with resellers and collaborators on products. Please fill in the form that we have provided on the „partnership“ page. You will soon get a reply between 3-7 business days. 

E. Can I make custom order?

We accept custom order only for brass and glass decoration at the moment. For further information please refer to „Custom Order“ page.

F. Can I make a purchase through Whatsapp?

You can do small purchase at our Shopee page. If by any circumstances you do not have a Shopee account, you can always shop through our instagram direct message @qlambu. 

G. Is it possible to shop at this website?

Presently, our website only functions as a catalog and information page about Qlambu. We cannot yet serve purchases via website.

H. From where are your product sent?

All the product is sent from Jakarta, Indonesia

I. Is it safe to ship glass box to outside Jakarta?

We only recommend sending glass products outside Jakarta using TIKI with wooden packing. The calculation of the cost of wooden packaging is volume : 6000.

EXAMPLE: The dimension of your order is 25x30x5, then the total volume of the order plus the wooden packaging is

((25+5)x(30+5)x(5+5)):6000 = 1.75 kg.

Then the wooden packaging would refer to the cost for 2 kg. But when the real weight of your order is heavier than 2 kg, then we refer to the real weight instead.

J. How if I receive damaged or wronged goods?

We always deliver goods in prime condition, which have gone through 2 stages of quality control and checking. We are no longer responsible for damaged goods caused by shipping carrier. 

Specifically for glass products, if you use TIKI services and wooden packing box yet still the received product damaged, you will get a compensation fee of 30% of the total product you purchased (excluding shipping costs).

If you receive the wrong product, please contact us immediately for return. We will resend the right product without additional cost.

K. Can you send worldwide?

Yes. We used to send our products abroad by expedition Pos Indonesia. You can choose the services available through the shipping carrier, either one week or 30 days. Shipping costs depend on the size of your order, the volume, and the total price of your purchase.

K. Where can I make a complaint when a problem occurred?

If you make a purchase through Shopee, then you can contact our Shopee admin, or you can send us a message via our Instagram account.