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About Us


Departing from our admiration for the culture, nature, and art of Indonesia, we built a home called Qlambu.

If we look at the true meaning in Bahasa Indonesia, Qlambu came from the word Kelambu, which is widely used by villager to abbreviate the two words Kelapa and Bambu, coconut and bamboo respectively. It is again, vastly traditional but in some cases very artistic and environmentally sound. Therefore, Qlambu aspires to provide environmentally friendly artwork made by hundred percents of local craftsmen, not limited to coconut and bamboo materials.

At this moment our home consists of 2 rooms: Qlambu and Klein Qlambu. In general, Qlambu provides home decor products and table ware for adults, while Klein Qlambu focuses on children’s products.

In short, our products are solely made to create a comfortable atmosphere at home, for you, your family, and the little hands. 

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