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Wooden Round Plate

If you are a person who likes a country house atmosphere, you should try using a wooden plate at your mealtime. Apart from looking lovely, the wooden plates also give off a natural and traditional impression.


Dimensions: 20 cm

Also, if you have kids at home, you may want to shift plastic to a wooden plate for their mealtime. Wooden plates are safe to use for anyone, especially young children. Since the plates are plastic-free, pouring hot food is no longer a problem. Wooden plates are also very suitable for those who practice Baby Led Weaning (BLW), because they are tough enough so that they are safe if the plate falls.

If you love outdoor activity such as picnic, it is time to consider bringing a wooden plate instead of a disposable one. Starting this good habit can prevents the pile of trash, besides, wooden plates are very handy to take carry because they are lightweight and they do not break easily.

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