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Stacking Bear


Stacking Bear Natural Series

Hello Mama and Papa, this is a wooden puzzle toy we named Stacking Bear as this main object of the toy is a bear. Stacking bear is an open-ended, which can be explored unlimitedly by our children. They do not stick to one play form, thus they eventually enhance toddler creativity and imaginations. 

The Stacking Bear comes in with 2 variants, natural series, and pastel series.

Product description:

– 100% locally made by Indonesian artisans

– Made of mahogany wood, an excellent hardwood with a reddish-brown look and famously known as one of the densest and strong timber.

– The natural one is finished with the only natural wax from bee and safe not only for children to play but also for nature

– The pastel one is painted with non-toxic color paint, and varnished with water-based coating

– Dimension: 25 x 15 x 4


Stacking Bear Pastel Series

Open-ended plays are very beneficial for the children’s age of exploration development period. They allow children to participate in creating games, instead of just following one main function of a toy. Not only that, open-ended toys also support children to be the key of creation, and give them wide freedom to imagine, so that it can stimulate their way of thinking.

Mama, papa, gifting him the Stacking Bear does not only make him happy, but also meaning you invest on them.