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Qlambu comes to your mind when you say the word home?

For us, a house is a manifestation of our self-identity in the form of a building. How we decorate a home is how we want to express our soul into the function of space. That is what we thought when we built Qlambu.

Qlambu is not completely a store for us, but rather as a home that can shade our ideas in decorating our homes according to who we are. A home that can provide shelter for many local craftsmen in Indonesia, as well as a home that can shatter inspirations for other families.

At the beginning of our initiation, we offered various forms of versatile glass decorations, such as glass tissue holders, as well as various storage boxes and organizers in different styles and sizes. As time went by, we move on to tableware with timber as the main material, such as mahogany and teak wood. And by that moment we witnessed the enthusiasm of our relatives and friends for the development of Qlambu.

At that exact time, we challenged ourselves, by being creative with children goods, which all of Qlambu family can see on the Klein Qlambu page.

For the product catalog that we have developed at Qlambu, click on this link.