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Little Dentist


Little Dentist supports the toddler’s fine motor when the little one pulls out the teeth, and puts the teeth back in. Not only that, for those who have difficulty teaching their little ones to brush their teeth, Little Dentist is to help persuading their little ones to be more diligent in brushing their teeth.

In detail, Little Dentist is made from solid mahogany wood which is known for its strength and long lasting timber. One set features:
– 1 mouth with 10 teeth (white top and dark brown bottom with magnets resembling cavities) and tongue
– 1 tooth extraction pliers
– 1 dental drill
– 1 toothbrush
– 1 bottle of toothpaste
– 1 replica mouth mirror (without glass)

After playing Little Dentist, you brush your teeth diligently and don’t be afraid to go to the dentist anymore, kiddos

Our toys are made of wood and are hand-painted with non-toxic water-based paint without closing the natural wood pores. The following items pass the quality control test and are not product defects:
– Wood eye
– Darker/lighter wood strokes
– Non-uniform wood pores

Product defects including damage, broken when arrived, sharp wood chips, peeling paint, can be submitted as a complaint through us.

10 in stock

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 8 cm


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