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Kuki Peri The Magic Potion


[7 days PREORDER] Kuki Peri The Magic Potion  🧪

Potterhead STEM science kit is ready to blow out your kids sensory table! All of the ingredients are food grade, nevertheless it’s important to always keep an eye on your children while they are playing, since the kit is not purposely made to be consumed.

What’s included:
– 1 jar of Kuki Peri (sparkled and glittered powder)
– 1 bottle of Wishing Liquid (scented and colored liquid)
– 1 tube of the Flower Fairies
– 1 pipet
– instruction

You can choose between (write in the note):
– Amortentia, a Harry Potter inspired love magic potion: pink Kuki with red liquid -> suitable for volcano project
– Felix Felicis, a Harry Potter inspired good luck charm potion : blue Kuki with purple liquid -> suitable for ocean project
– Polyjuice, the most famous Harry Potter inspired transformation potion: purple Kuki aPeri with green liquid -> suitable for fantasy

Birthday / thematic hampers please message us



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