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Kedai Qlambu – Bundled Jajan Pasar and Teh Poci Set


Welcome to our Cake Shop! Here is our main menu, including Jajan Pasar (Asian Traditional Cake), and Teh Poci Set (Tea Set), an Indonesian way to drink tea, which is widely consumed by Javanese people. The teapot is curvy instead of slim and tall, and colored in light canyon clay to inherit the real clay color but with brighter and softer ambience, to match your little ones playroom.

Jajan Pasar includes:

– 1 Bolu Kukus (Steamed Tart) with strawberry flavor
– 1 Spikoe, Lapis Surabaya (Surabayan Layer Cake)
– 2 Onde-onde (Thin crunchy rice cake filled with mungbean)
– 3 Klepon (Sticky rice cake surprised with melted brown sugar)
– 1 Tray

Teh Poci includes:

– 1 curvy teapot
– 2 teacups with trays
– 1 tea spoon
– 1 sugar cup
– 1 sugar jar
– 2 teabags in lavender and peppermint colors

– Made from high grade pine wood
– Painted with non toxic water-based paint, and coated with ECHA & REACH standard coating

You can also buy Jajan Pasar and Teh Poci separately

Out of stock

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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