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Amanita Mushroom

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Parents, do you know that besides the mushrooms we usually consume, there are also poisonous mushrooms that can cause hallucinations? Well, one of them is Amanita, the one we frequently see in the fairy tale movies, that is why we adapt their shape to our toys.

Our Amanita mushrooms are lovingly crafted, shaped, mashed, colored all by hand. Consists of 2 series: Amanita muscaria (red), and Amanita pantherina (chocolate). Through this toy, teach the children at home about the physiology and facts about this fungus. So that children’s knowledge widens, and they become more curious about God’s creation.


– 6 sizes of mushrooms

– A set contains one color

– Smallest size: 3 cm, largest size: 5 cm

– Made of pine wood

– Handcrafted locally

– Hand painted with non toxic water based paint

– Colors that stain and absorb on wood so that the surface and texture are still like the original (rough and some rough)

– There are certain parts that look like unpainted (uneven) due to the natural characteristic of the wood which at some point cannot absorb color, such as the area near the knots. Complaints against characters like this are not served.

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Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm


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