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Kuksa Cup

Kuksa may sound very foreign to most Indonesians, and this is normal because it came all the way long from the Nordic area. Kuksa itself was originally a cup that its function was crucial for hikers. Besides being able to keep drinks warm and cold, large Kuksa are also often used to collect fruits such as berries.

Diameter: 9 cm; Handle: 4 cm; Height: 7 cm

We adapted Kuksa to one of our works due to the beauty of its curves, and seem so unusual. We created a small Kuksa that is perfect for drinking tea, coffee, or for placing your sweet afternoon snacks.
We are aware that Kuksa has no way of Indonesian characteristics, thus we add a touch of Indonesian extract to this cup through its raw materials. Using mahogany wood, which is widespread in Java, gives a beautiful impression of the reddish color of the timber.
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