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It was formerly a home of our grandfather’s big family.
Several years after grandfather passed away, in order to keep it well maintained, some parts of the big house have been renovated to be operated as bed & breakfast, named “Homestay Argopeni”.

Located on Jalan Argopeni 33 – District of Wonosobo, homestay is surrounded by the popular Dieng tourism. You can imagine the cold and freshness of mountainous air that may clean your lunge here. From back terrace, you can view the valley of Kejiwan Village, which holds the water spring where a popular drink water producer obtains from.

Homestay Argopeni is nearby Alun-alun Wonosobo where you can enjoy local culinary and some family vehicles at night. Besides Dieng, there are many tourist destinations you can visit around Wonosobo, among others Kalianget hot water spring, Telaga (Lake) Menjer, Sikarim Waterfall, Tambi tea plantation, Wadaslintang reservoir, Lubang Sewu rocks, Winong Kaliwiro waterfall, Mangli swimming pool, and more.

Green and eco-friendly concept is the superiority of Homestay Argopeni. Besides the wide garden full of various kinds of flower and productive plants, we do our own waste processing.
We also fulfill electricity needs with renewable energy, through solar photovoltaic system installed on the rooftop. Hot water is available by solar thermal water heater. Thus we use independent clean energy and no longer depend on fossil fueled electricity from the grid.

Homestay Argopeni bed and breakfast are available at a very affordable price. It can accommodate up to 30 people in 3(three) major room areas.


For reservation, facilities, and services, please contact:
081210110514 (Heny)
081293467201 (Atung)

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