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Klein Qlambu

Spending more time with a family can turn our house a home.

And what creates a family? Children.

Many people agree that the presence of children brings warmth into a house. A monotone atmosphere of house will suddenly become colorful and dynamic with them living in it. This is the reason why Qlambu created a playroom for little hands at home: Klein Qlambu. The existence of Klein Qlambu provides more space for us to create new works that are curated for children.

Image by Esi Grünhagen from Pixabay

Klein comes from German word, which means little. Klein Qlambu was initiated to meet the needs of a home for your little one. From mealtime friends to playmates, from partner in playing to best friend at learning, we want Klein Qlambu to always stick with them in their adventures.

At this time, Klein Qlambu is still integrated with Qlambu. Even though they are in the same realm of work, both Qlambu and Klein Qlambu still have their respective market groups. This does not close the opportunity for retailers to do wholesale for certain products (for example: only Klein Qlambu products). We do believe this is not a limit but an opportunity. The opportunity to match the needs of every home intended for you, your family, and little hands.

If you are interested in seeing the Klein Qlambu products we have developed, you can refer to this page.

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